Quality Certificates

Our commitment to quality and environment is translated into the certificates issued by external auditing companies or public institutions, which strengthens the way we act and our philosophy of continuous improvement in all our areas of influence: our physical, company and social environment.


  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001). Granted by Bureau Veritas. All our centres have been granted this certificate, which recognizes the maximum quality standard in the services rendered and assesses a number of aspects such as efficiency, service quality, safety, effectiveness, commitment, innovation, etc.
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001). Bureau Veritas granted ILUNION Lavandería y servicios a la Hostelería this certificate on sustainability to develop innovating technological systems, which prioritize respect for the environment –water recycling, waste disposal, energetic efficiency, use of non-polluting substances, etc. 
  • Occupation and Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001). ILUNION Lavandería y servicios a la Hosteleríahas this Europe-wide label on Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, which certifies perfect commitment to occupational risk prevention policies.
  • Excelence (EFQM). This certificate granted by the European Foundation for Quality Management assesses the level of excellence of European companies and analyzes nine quality criteria –leadership, people, policy and strategy, alliances and resources, processes, people’s results regarding customers, society and the organization itself. ILUNION Lavandería y servicios a la Hostelería has achieved an optimal result at the audit undertaken by Indra analyzing excellence and, soon, AENOR will look into granting Flisa the EFQM label.
  • Madrid Excelente. ILUNION Lavandería y servicios a la Hostelería has this prestigious certification granted by the Regional Government of Madrid, which recognizes our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, social responsibility, satisfaction of people, and our active contribution to the economic and social development.
  • Family Responsible Company (FRC). This certificate regarding quality and continuous improvement certifies ILUNION Lavandería y servicios a la Hostelería as a family responsible company and recognizes a work culture that allows perfect balance between the work, personal and family spheres of our employees.