Mission, vision and values


ILUNION Lavandería y Servicios a la Hosteleríarepresents a project that pursues the creation of quality jobs for people with disabilities, as well as the provision of quality services meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

We concentrate all our efforts in strengthening our human capital to contribute to the personal and professional development of the people working for the organization, in a way that individual commitments become collective achievements setting us as a nationwide leading company in the industrial laundry sector.


We want to consolidate and strengthen our leading position through harmonious and sustainable growth following the premises of respect towards our environment and society in general, as a way to become a reference in the industrial laundry sector.

We search social and economic balance to become a viable company, with economic profitability allowing us to continue fostering the commitment made with our employees, and ensure the results are reflected on the excellence of the services to be provided to our customers.


  • Social commitment: we encourage the development of our staff both professionally and personally, as well as we ensure their labour integration.
  • Quality: We focus our efforts on service excellence and, therefore, on achieving client satisfaction through quality and personalized attention.
  • Innovation: We are committed to service improvement by identifying those opportunities delivering more value to our processes, and consequently, to our customers.
  • Sustainability: We seek balanced growth, showing respect for the environment and society.

Quality, Environment, and Health and Safety Policy

At ILUNION Lavandería y Servicios a la Hostelería we believe in quality, respect for the environment and safety, and the wellbeing of our employees are strategic and core factors for our business. In addition, as part of the ONCE Foundation, our main goal is promoting labour integration of people with disabilities through the creation of quality jobs. Consequently, our organization focuses all its efforts on promoting industrial laundry and linens rental services tailored to our customers’ needs, through environmentally friendly processes and technologies, which guarantee the appropriate and economically value safety and health conditions. To that end, we intend to perform the following actions:

  • Identifying and minimizing:
    • The environmental impact of our activities and premises, trying to make the most efficient use of the resources, avoiding environment pollution and carrying out a proper management of wastes.
    • Risks regarding health and safety derived from our activities by promoting preventive and safe attitudes and behaviours. This includes a commitment to prevent damages and health deterioration.
  • Meeting the requirements set at current legislation regarding environment, health and safety, or any other field to be applied.
  • Periodical setting and review of Quality Improvement Targets regarding our services, labour health and safety conditions, and the environmental performance in which our processes and premises operate.  
  • Promoting training and awareness among our employees with regard to quality, customer service, health and safety at work, and environment protection.

Apart from being understood and accepted by our organization staff and by our collaborators, this Policy will be available to any person who may require it. ILUNION Lavandería y Servicios a la Hostelería undertakes to ensure its application and periodically review its content, adapting it to the organization’s general strategy.