Business History

Flisa was founded in 1990 by Grupo Fundosa – an organization promoted by the ONCE Foundation for the creation of stable and quality employment for people with disabilities.

At Flisa we are constantly trying to join experience and innovation. Therefore, we have developed new services and business lines in addition to those traditional at the laundry and linens rental sector in order to reach our customers with specific solutions according to their needs.

In this way, at Flisa we have developed a comprehensive range of services including the following divisions:

  • Flisa Consulting – division dedicated to the provision of services related to the design and implementation of laundries.
  • Flisa Services – this division includes additional services complementing the laundry services rendered.
  • Flisa Uniforms – comprehensive management of labour and sanitary uniforms thanks to the supervision of traceability of clothes through identification systems.
  • Esteritex – sterilization and provision of sanitary material.

Flisa is the first company leading its sector with a staff mainly composed by people with disabilities – currently representing 87% of all employees.


Flisa has developed an excellence-focused management model, which has enabled us to be awarded several prizes granted by both public and private institutions.

Main awards granted to Flisa’s management:

  • Madrid Excelente. In 2011, Flisa was awarded with the V Award Madrid Excelente on Customers Confidence in the Large Company category. With this recognition, the Government of the Region of Madrid recognizes the role of the companies focusing their management on customers by achieving their confidence and satisfaction.
  • Arquimedes 2010 Award. The Regional Government of Andalusia awarded Flisa Huelva with the Arquimedes 2010 Award for Andalusian Companies, which recognizes the work in favour of the integration of groups at risk of social and/or labour exclusion. 
  • Andalucía Económica Business Ranking. Flisa was included at the 2010 ranking of Andalusian companies with the greatest economic weight made by the Andalucía Económica magazine.
  • European Business Award for the Environment. Spanish Section 2007/2008. The recovery system for water disposed throughout the industrial cleaning process developed by Flisa – in which sustainability plays a core role – was given this prestigious award organized by the European Commission and managed in Spain by the Ministry of Environment through the Entorno Foundation.
  • Ciutat de Sant Boi 2007 Award. Flisa was awarded the Ciutat de Sant Boi Award in the Economy category. This prize, which is awarded by the town council, recognizes Flisa’s social commitment and efforts made to create jobs for disabled people.