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Now that you know we are a great group, a leading group in the laundry sector in Spain… keep on reading.

We are certain you will submit your CV at the end of these lines, because you will be looking forward to becoming part of this great project, of which we feel very proud.

This is the moment to give a boost to your future within a solid group with global projection and the recognition of some of the ONCE Foundation companies. At ILUNION Lavandería y servicios a la Hostelería we support innovation –both at the services we render and the way we provide them. This technological innovation leads us to continuous improvement and the recognition by institutions, customers, and what is most important, our own workers. 

And what is more, we are aware of the importance of society, the environment, the labour integration of people with disabilities, and, of course, yourself. ILUNION Lavandería y servicios a la Hostelería encourages the development of training plans for its employees to increase their abilities and competences. We believe and work for the management of talent and internal promotion.

We are committed to the environment. Our RDI Department is constantly implementing new working methods that generate benefits for all – reducing the use of plastic, efficient and responsible management of wastes, recycling, etc.

Our strongest commitment is to people. Our Human Resources Policy mainly aims at the labour integration of people with disabilities through the creation of stable and quality employment as a previous step to their social integration.

Our main tool to create and consolidate jobs is focused on its 37 industrial laundries – all of them classified as Special Employment Centres (SEC) by the relevant public authority in each Region.

This is the moment… if you are willing to join a group of more than 4,000 people proud of working everyday at Flisa, we are looking forward to meeting you!

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