We annually develop a training plan according to the continuous technical progress of the laundries, new technologies and machinery innovations. This seeks qualifying and/or updating the workers’ knowledge by investing in intellectual capital.

The professional retraining of the staff –which has an annual budget of 200,000€ – turns Flisa into a more dynamic, global and competitive company, which is directly translated into the quality offered to the customer.

Our interest in training is evidenced in the progressive increase of training hours for its employees, which has increased by 80% during the last year. In addition, the number of employees trained has also increased by 75% comparing to 2010, with more than 1,800 employees trained.


Time, distance, dedication and study habits, as well as the balance between the employees’ personal and work lives with training, represent some of the barriers overcome thanks to a training catalogue with more than 180 courses including the following:

  • Attendance-based training – with trainers at the classroom.
  • Blended learning, combining classroom training with online training.
  • E-learning format, which solves the problem of time and, in many cases, distance by promoting flexibility.
  • Outdoor, which provides innovative company training and talent management outside the labour environment in natural, cultural and leisure spaces.