Social development

ILUNION Lavandería y servicios a la Hostelería shares a commitment with the people who are part of the organization. This encourages identification and the implementation of oriented actions towards the following:

  • Contributing to improve the social environment.
  • Promoting balance between work and family spheres.
  • Encouraging employees’ attitudes and abilities to facilitate their integration under the same conditions as the rest of society.

In order to take these principles into reality, we have implemented “Support Units” for employees, which cover different areas – programmes regarding personal and social adjustment, rehabilitation, therapies, as well as social, cultural, sporting and labour integration.

The following are the methods used at our social project:

  1. Creation, monitoring, execution and assessment of the Individual Welcome Programme, bearing in mind the personal, social and labour background of each worker.
  2. Analysis of the job by the Social Team and the production staff (interdisciplinary team) to ensure greater suitability and adaptation to the job.
  3. Coordination and work meetings with the Centre team and the production sections involved in achieving continuous improvement regarding productive, relational, personal and social processes.
  4. Network coordination and/or work with the references of entities, services, resources, etc. in relation to the workers to set the objectives and agree on the work plans under the same criteria to attain a better response.
  5. Coordination with entities and/or resources promoting the integration of disabled people within the company, by creating a personalized plan –both in a training and ability level.
  6. Comments and records of the productive activity and of the incidences reported during the working time.
  7. Monitoring and support interviews with the employees using “Support Units”.
  8. Specific training plan and/or continuous training of the company’s Training General Plan to improve abilities, learning and other aspects influencing the social-labour field.
  9. Teamwork to improve labour relations, interpersonal relations, and group cohesion.