• How can I contact Flisa?
    • If you want to contact your nearest plant, please find it on the web map and click to find out the most important contact details – telephone, address, email, etc. The commercial department of each plant will advice you on the most appropriate plants according to your needs. 
    • Please dial 902 36 28 50 if you want to speak to Flisa.
    • If you prefer contacting through email, write to info.flisa@fundaciononce.es.
  • What kinds of clothes are processed at Flisa? At Flisa, we can process any type of clothes generated at hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, student residences, restaurants, labour uniforms, etc.
  • Are laundry services available everyday of the week?Yes, the only days Flisa does not operate are 25 December and 1 January, but we arrange all production stages and forecast orders, so our customers’ activity is not affected.
  • How are clothes washed? Each type of cloth is linked to a specific cleaning programme defined by the RDI Department. This Department has its own laboratory where clothes are analyzed and the most appropriate programmes are designed.
  • When are clothes delivered?Frequency depends on the customer’s needs with a minimum delivery time of 24 hours from the moment clothes are collected at the premises.
  • Do industrially treated clothes suffer more? Do they lose colour? Do they become coarse?Cleaning programmes are adapted to clothes. Before cleaning, an analysis is carried out to define whether the cloth may be treated or not – in which case, it would be returned to the customer.
  • What is the difference between hiring a cleaning service and a textile rent service?
    • With the cleaning service, the clothes belong to the customer. Before this service is started, the adequacy of the process is assessed and confirmed at the laundry plant.
    • With the rent service, the clothes belong to Flisa and a comprehensive study is carried out to define the customer’s need to define the most appropriate resources and the quality of the clothes. This basically depends on the type of premise, staff, clothes rotation, etc.
  • Can I personalize clothes with corporate logos and colours?With the rent service, Flisa offers the possibility to personalize the customer’s clothes by including corporate logos and colours.
  • Do I pay for every kilo or for every piece of cloth cleaned? The collection formula is adapted to the customer’s requirements. Flisa’s control and invoicing systems are ready to offer both models.
  • Are clothes from different customers washed together? Clothes from different customers are never mixed, since the control and traceability of clothes is carried out through specific computer programmes for industrial laundries. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to visit one of our plants.
  • Are dirty clothes mixed with clean clothes at any point?Dirty clothes are never mixed with clean ones at Flisa – there is a “sanitary barrier” in all our premises separating both areas (clean and dirty). This barrier is obligatory in all laundry plants treating hospital material – however, Flisa is committed to quality and all our plants include such concept. 
  • Are dirty and clean clothes carried at the same time? Clothes with different origins are never mixed in Flisa trucks. Trucks go through cleaning process in our plants every time they transport different type of clothes.